In 2016 you will be able to live off the grid in one of these Ecocapsules. They are totally self contained, generating their own on wind and solar power as well as collecting their own rainwater. The capsule interior can comfortably sleep two and provides 8sq meters of living space. More than enough space for your die-hard weekend warrior.

Each capsule can be optimised for a variety of different uses from research stations to emergency housing, or as a front line humanitarian-action unit and could be deployed anywhere in the world – in case of emergency – and are compact enough to fit inside a standard sea-container or towed by car on a trailer.

All creature comforts have been thought of, including; a built-in kitchenette with running water, flushing toilet and hot shower. The walls are insulated to ensure maximum energy savings and maintain comfort.

But, I think you’ll agree, most people will just want to enjoy the freedom they offer.

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