Corlette is starting the year on a high note after being appointed by the China Merchant Group to design and implement an urban wayfinding and signage program for the Prince Bay development in Shenzhen China.

This project follows one of Corlette’s 2018 wins, where the experiential design agency was commissioned to deliver the Retail Plaza and Offices wayfinding and signage program for OMA’s prestigious Prince Plaza in Shenzhen. Following the great progress on this project, the team has now been awarded the entire Bay area.

The Prince Bay development is located in Shekou, an area that is increasingly becoming known as the Silicon Valley of China. The district is known for its unique combination of technical innovation, art and culture, and the natural beauty of the neighbouring mountains and valleys.

It is this balance between technology, nature and heritage that makes the Prince Bay development so special and the perfect project for the innovative and expert team at Corlette.

“We are continuing to grow our strong credentials in urban planning, mixed-use projects, luxury hotels, offices, retail malls, and residential developments. And we’re increasingly being commissioned for urban wayfinding, with programs currently underway for Thaiwoo Village in China, Ayla in Jordan, and, now, Prince Bay.” Notes Global Creative Director, Camille Corlette, “These projects enable us to further diversify our global services offering for our international Clients.”

The aim of this project is to reposition Prince Bay as a vibrant and interconnected destination within Shekou, and Corlette has been commissioned to use their expertise in branding and wayfinding to create a wholistic and ownable design style connecting the urban and lifestyle aesthetics of the city.

Henri Mariasson, Global Director of Projects, noted, “Urban-planning has become a natural extension of our expertise in luxury hospitality. Increasingly, developers are focussed on delivering wholistic design strategies across entire precincts, rather than seeing design delivered piecemeal, by function. This evolution in thinking is very exciting for our Sydney and Shanghai teams, who are well-placed to realise our Client’s vision.”

Corlette enter 2019 celebrating 40 Years of Design and this prestigious China Merchant Group, Prince Bay win acknowledges the agency’s longterm commitment to placemaking across China and Southeast Asia.

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