About us

Corlette is a highly strategic, design-led organisation operating on a global stage. For over 35 years we have helped create and shape the world’s leading luxury, hospitality and lifestyle brands. Our crafted and bespoke brand experiences transform ideas, enrich environments and seduce audiences.


Welcome to Corlette, where great design ignites the senses.



  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Wayfinding Strategy
  • Customer Journeys
  • Market Insights
  • Naming & Tone of voice


  • Identity
  • Signage
  • Environments
  • Experiential
  • Packaging


  • Technical Documentation
  • Manufacturing Consult
  • Prototyping

We work with marketers, planners, thinkers, architects, interior designers, movers and shakers. Our experience includes; large multi-purpose developments, hotels, resorts, villas, residences, malls, restaurants and more. We pride ourselves on our approach to the business of design, the projects we’re involved with, the relationships we build and the friendships we make.

As a company we are organised around our four key overlapping disciplines, at the heart of which sits you, the client, supported by our senior management team of experienced, business focussed design professionals.


Strategy needn’t be complicated or expensive, but it does need to be relevant. On both a personal and business level, we are drawn to the qualities with which we most identify.

Through the development of clear, relevant strategy, we can help you create a framework for success that lays the foundations for attention-grabbing ideas that are true to their audiences and true to the brand’s image and identity.

Our branded solutions offer invaluable strategic insights that are used to drive effective design and memorable experiences.


Good design provides a point of difference. It commands attention. By creating a positive first impression, the design sets the tone, establishes expectation and delivers valuable information.

It starts with the public face of an organisation and filters through to every level – whether the objective is to alert, engage, educate, entertain, inform, invite, tease, survey or simply sell.

Large or small our graphic teams are all about the detail. Experienced in delivering individual design projects to large branded programs they work directly with you to ensure that your vision is realised in ways that are surprising, innovative and relevant.


Today’s branded environments are a complicated mix of traditional and mixed-media solutions. Our way-finding teams work closely with your planning and hotel teams to identify key touch and decision points. 

By assessing the need, from the movement of vehicles around a site, the way the environment dictates form and function to how people interact and engage with the space, inside and out, we can deliver solutions that work for you, not against you and identify savings that really add up.


Making a sign is simple, instilling it with a sense of direction not so. By applying a simple philosophy – invite, instruct, inform – we combine smart thinking and great design to create compelling solutions that align to your brand values and to the expectations and needs of your audience.

That’s why our signage designers are just that, signage designers.

They are not graphic designers that work with type and image. They are not product designers that understand form and function. Nor are they art directors that understand story. They are ALL this and more. They are highly trained specialists and experts in their field.